Numark V7 Review – Motorised DJ Turntable Software Controller

If you are a mobile DJ like me, you’d say how good a blessing it would be to own a Numark V7 DJ Turntable software controller.

This is one of the most popular turntables, and am I glad to have gotten to know this product.

Mobile gigs don’t have to be a hassle anymore when you have this equipment in tow. This makes everything, from packing to setup to sound dynamics perfectly awesome.

Even if you are DJ that has strictly played vinyl, you will not find it hard to cope with this new Numark V7 Software Controller.

It has the same feel as real vinyl, and you will have so much fun with the features that manufacturer has added to this turntable. When you are amazed by the Numark NS7, you will be impressed with this one.

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Numark V7 Features

Comprehensive Controls

With this software audio controller, you will see that there are about 35 buttons aside from the 5 knobs and 2 switches.

Not only that, there is the pitch, and effects sliders that might make you feel like this is gonna be a handful. No worries because this turntable logically presents all this so that it would be easy for you to use and play.

The ITCH software makes everything run smoothly. Every knob and button is dedicated to a specific function of the software.

If you have worked with Scratch Live before, you can load your pre-sets, crates, loops as well as cues on the ITCH without any problem.

New functions have been added to the ITCH such as advanced cues and loop settings.


Reducing your transport weight, this is a light and durable as well as a sophisticated turntable that you can quickly throw in your truck.

Leave out other types of equipment that you might not have any more use for now that you have this sound mixer with you.

It is built with the metal enclosure and has a brushed anodized aluminum finish. The look alone is a great plus and the features loaded in the turntable only makes you buy it more eagerly.

There is a legit 7-inch vinyl record as well as a motorized turntable platter. If you are used to vinyl, then this is the real deal! The durable housing of the V7 allows you to travel with it and not worry about this costly equipment getting smashed.

numark v7 controller rear panel


I will add a chapter about V7 dimensions and other specifications later.


I will compare the Numark V7 vs NS6 vs NS7 vs Denon SC3900 and Rane 12.

Stay tuned!

Numark V7 Reviews From Customers

There are a lot of great things to be said about the Numark V7, most of which are prized qualities that have attracted countless satisfied customers around the globe to this unique controller.

Intended to be used as the perfect device for potential music stars and professional disc jockeys, a turntable music player is an innovative machine. It looks sleek and classy, and will never disappoint you with all its media software functions.

The motorized platter, vinyl feel, aluminum finish, and the overall alluring texture are all fantastic features, enough to make any aspiring DJ go wild. The number of buttons and various controls is icing on the cake; however, there have been slight issues regarding the durability.

Built to be a traveling partner for sensational artists, Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Controller is the kind of gadget that any DJ or similar music fan should possess in their list of useful tools.

During my research of Numark V7 reviews, I found that what stands out with the customers is the design. The unit had an all-metal enclosure and brushed anodized black aluminum finish giving you a lot of protection all while weighing at just 16 pounds. The V7 is made very rugged, robust and very strong. The buttons are all made of rubbery material and they “click” when being pressed, so you know when it’s pushed.

Despite the massive number of buttons, bunch of knobs, 2 switches, and some other features, the V7 has been described as very easy to use. It also has an excellent feel when you are cueing the tracks. While working on the V7, it’s designed the way you don’t need a mouse.

While on the subject of features, I found that customers feel that Numark has really listened to DJ’s regarding the characteristics of the unit. Customers think that it’s impressive how they’ve managed to include the traditional elements of the motorized platter and it has a real vinyl feel, as well as many advanced loop and cue controls that are provided while interfacing with Serato ITCH.

The loop section has been described as amazing, with multiple buttons for manual use, and automatic mode which adjusts the loop through BPM through the ITCH software.

Users feel that Serato ITCH is very stable and compatible with both MAC and Windows operating systems. The Numark V7 was designed for Serato ITCH which is very easy to set up and even easier to use. Users describe it as the easiest media controller to software setup they have ever done

Pros and Cons

Numark V7 Pros

The V7 from Numark is a turntable MIDI controller USB compatible with all MIDI software. The unit operates on a 24 bit sound card with 2 A and B RCA stereo. The motor is very high torque, with 2 speeds direct drive with a real 7” slice of control vinyl. The Platter is switchable between 33RPM and 45RPM for the speed that feels more comfortable for the user.

Easy setup
Very easy set up from assembling to software launch. The controller is supplied and compatible with Serato ITCH software and is MAC and PC compatible.

Buttons and sections
The turntable controller is a stunning and powerful piece of equipment. It comes with a variety of buttons and selectors, but none the less, the controls are laid out in a logical order. It has an effects control section for effects, strip search and excellent controls for searching and downloading tracks as well as rich section for searching and loading tracks. The device is designed, so you don’t need a mouse to operate it. The loop section hold features such as loop in and out, re-loop, shift, X2, 2, etc.

Twice the deal
The controller is so impressive that it holds a LINK connection that allows you to link 2 Numark V7 controls with a single USB cable, it can also be connected with an X7 mixer, also made by Numark.


Vinyl wears out
Not necessarily a disadvantage, but playing the same 2 records over and over can wear them out. If you are djing off mp3’s, it can be too late until you notice how badly the vinyl can be damaged, it comes to a point where it is so worn out that the needle also needs replacing. Another worry is the small platter size, with only 2.5 inches of usable, scratchable, vinyl controller space.

Software good, but not best
Although Serato has updated their software to 2.0, upgrading it with lots of features that would make any DJ happy, the general view is that Traktor is the industry standard. This is also not necessarily a con, but this controller could do wonders on Traktor.


The V7 is a masterpiece. The work Numark have put in the design is remarkable, the combination of features is what makes this a reliable product. Every button and function has a purpose and a place.

The Numark V7 is perfectly designed for mobile and club DJ’s.

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