Numark NS7 II and NS7III 4 Channel DJ Performance Controller Review

Numark NS7 II and NS7III 4 Channel DJ Performance Controller Review

DJs will have a blast with this Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller with Serato ITCH Software.

This is one of the things that music mixers and DJs out there have been waiting for.

The compatibility of this turntable with the Serato ITCH and ScratchLive software make this a very valuable equipment for mobile DJs out there.

Numark NS7III | 4-Channel Motorized DJ Controller & Mixer with Screens and free Remix/Sampling Program downloadsNumark NS7III | 4-Channel Motorized DJ Controller & Mixer with Screens and free Remix/Sampling Program downloadsCheck Price


Ideal For Your Mobile Gigs

If you are always out for a mobile gig, you might have been already familiar with the travel weight that mobile gigs entail.

Well, this Numark NS7 will leave your truck plenty of space for some other equipment you wish to take with you.

This turntable will help you in setting up your equipment faster because there would be no more RCA and ground wires to take care of as well as separate cases of mixers to pack.

Laptop Connectivity

Getting your audio from your MacBook to your turntable is as easy as a USB cable.

Hook up the device to your PC or Mac with the cable and send audio back and forth without any problems.

Make sure you have a capable processor on board that Mac or you might have a little problem with the audio. The 24-bit audio outputs is delivered to your XLRs and RCAs.

There also are mic inputs on the front panel together with the RCA line inputs and headphone outputs.

Serato ITCH

With this turntable, your system would be as simple as this NS7 and your capable laptop.

Mixing your tunes for your gigs is made easy with the ITCH software. You must have used ScratchLive before so working with ITCH is gonna be a piece of cake.

Without the timecode, skipping needles and worn-out vinyl will be a thing of the past. The software is also compatible with iTunes as well as MIDI DJ software.

If you are a vinyl DJ, then you will have to get a little practice to get used to this new turntable.

But once you have all the issues away, you will have so much fun with this equipment. Make sure you have got the NS7 lined up for your next gig!

Numark NS7III front view

Customer Reviews

Numark continues their line of excellent quality music production devices with their newest product, Numark NS7II.

Customers have adored its 4-channel capabilities and its motorized DJ controller and mixer, which are just the things any music lover would just love to use. In DJ parties and such occasions, the NS7II can turn any moment into a festive one, using specialized controls that are not present in any similar gadget.

As the successor of the beloved Numark NS7FX, the NS7II has lived up to its reputation to its loyal fans, and has impressed customers with its volley of impressive functions and its stylish look.

The only notable complaint that it has received was due to its size and weight, which makes it somewhat unfit for easy mobility. This is rather troublesome, as the Numark NS7II is meant to be a travelling device, but then again, updated features and a more powerful software keeps it at its toes at all times, especially during high quality music processing.

It allows smooth DJ controls and consists of new hardware that sustains satisfactory durability during rough usage.

The overall turntable DJ function is truly what grabbed everyone’s attention, and the unique controls are what caused everyone to stay with the NS7II.

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