Best Camera Backpacks Review For 2019

Best Camera Backpacks Review For 2019

Some people simply prefer to carry a backpack rather than a shoulder bag. I am one of those people.

I think it’s much more convenient to have your bag on your back rather than on your shoulder or around your body. So when I purchased a DSLR, I would, of course, have to get a bag in which I can place it and take it with me wherever I go.

It was hard to pick one as there are a lot of brands on the market. It is preferable to find out more about each brand to know which ones are the best and top rated DSLR backpack manufacturers. Indeed, you should get a camera bag that has enough space not only for your SLR body but also for lenses and other accessories.

If you’re not sure which one to get, here are the top rated camera backpacks 2019 to get you started.

Top Rated Laptop Camera Backpacks

Manfrotto MB-NX-BP-VGY laptop camera backpack

Many people usually take their laptop along with their DSLR. If this includes you, consider getting the best laptop back pack for your hi-tech gear.

Many professionals carry both digital SLR and a laptop with them mainly if they will be having a photo shoot. You would want to get a carryall with compartments for computer and photo equipment that can withstand the weight of these items.

With this bag, you will have more than enough space for your shooting equipment, including the laptop that can be used in editing pictures.

It’s also ideal to find a rucksack which gives you easy access to your photo gear like cameras, lenses, and accessories mainly while you’re already taking photos. It will be effective in giving the computer and the DSLR the highest level of protection that is necessary while being stored in a compact bag.

This is why I like photo gear bags that have compartments as I can quickly reach for items even if I’m wearing the rucksack on my back.

You should also get one that has straps made of soft materials to make it comfortable to use for an extended period. Its price can vary depending on the brand and materials used to make the knapsack for a laptop and camera.

Best Weatherproof Digital SLR Backpacks

Neewer Pro Waterproof Camera Case

The best weatherproof camera knapsacks will make it convenient for you to carry your items on your back – even on rainy days.

This is the bag that I recommend for more adventurous photographers or for those who often shoot outdoors.

I experienced going on a hiking trip with my brothers and the rain suddenly poured. The laptop and SLR rucksack I was carrying was weatherproof, so I did not have to worry about the items in my case getting soaked in the rain. So this is an essential feature for me.

I usually go on nature trips often, so a weatherproof backpack is ideal for me. It’s not just the rain I have to protect my items from but also dust and sand.

The materials used for the bag is also essential. I have it on my back for hours depending on my adventure, so I need to use a DSLR case which is comfortable and light. I recommend backpacks that have padded straps as these are easy on the back and also sturdy.

Best DSLR Backpack with Tripod Holder

Vanguard Alta Sky 45D

One of the essential accessories for photographers is a tripod. This is why photographers usually get the bag with a tripod holder.

Many usually take it with them during photo shoots be it in studios or outdoor. It wouldn’t be practical to carry your gear in the rucksack while holding the tripod in hand so get one that has a pocket specifically for it.

I recently went to South America to take photos for a nature magazine. We did a lot of walking to reach our destination, and I was glad to be using a DSLR rucksack that features a tripod holder.

It would have been difficult to carry the tripod over that distance since my arms would have been tired when it’s time to take photos.

The packsack I’m using is spacious, so I can also place accessories and notebooks in it. The price varies depending on the brand of the backpack.

Best Camera Rucksack with Hydration

MindShift Gear Rotation 180-pro

If you’re a photographer and an adventurer, you may want to get the superior quality photo backpack featuring built-in hydration.

It is excellent for expeditions as it provides you with features such as superior protection, durability, and comfort. It would appeal to professional photographers who travel and capture photos on rugged terrains.

It has many features though it is usually lightweight. This makes it easier to carry the bag on your back for many hours. My photo rucksack is very light, but it has a solid built to keep my items secured.

It’s also ideal to use a DSLR case with hydration that’s weatherproof as the weather often changes when you’re outdoors. This doesn’t only pertain to rain but also dust and heat. It can be quite expensive, but it’s a good investment as you will be able to use the knapsack for many of your outdoor trips be it in your area or to another continent.


When you are shopping for a great backpack for your digital SLR, read reviews about each brand to learn more about it. Get advice from people who have used the bag or are using it and find out what they like and don’t like about the knapsack.

There are different backpacks on the market, and you can now go out and get a bag which suits your lifestyle.

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