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My name is Greg. I am a long time computer user. Some even use the word ‘geek’ when describing me, but I am not sure if this is the case.

But I digress…

I’m sure that the computer needs no introduction. They are perhaps the best human discovery in the recent times. This mind-blowing technology has become a part of our daily lives. Its multipurpose usage has made it more prominent in this 21st century.

Computers are not only used by professionals, like engineers, doctors, students, teachers, etc. but also can be used by people from all walks of life for recreation and entertainment.

However, do we know about computers as much as we think we do? There are several parts that you need to purchase to build that master gaming PC. With little knowledge about the computer devices, we might end up damaging one.

So if you are not sure what computer parts to buy or which model is best selling right now, then this website is made just for you. Here, I will be reviewing various types of computer appliance, mainly the following, to make your shopping easier.

NAS Devices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices have become the primary piece of networking equipment in both home and small businesses. If you need to share or store data over a network, then NAS devices can come in handy. The latest NAS models have extensive capabilities, including back-up, data recovery, application add-ons and much more.

Besides storing and sharing data on a network, these gadgets also offer additional server modes and supports UPnP and DLNA. So if you save a multimedia content, like a video to share on a NAS device, your DLNA and UPnP clients can stream that data.

If you do not understand what I am talking about, that’s also fine! Just browse the NAS reviews I post, and you are good to go.


An overhead projector is an excellent solution for big rooms and big screens, so they are ideal for delivering lectures and presentations to large groups.

You can also watch movies and other videos if you have a home theater.

Projectors come in different sizes and capabilities, from handheld models that are used in dark rooms to high-powered gadgets that can be used in brightly lit offices.

I have reviewed several models of Optoma projectors starting with pocket size Optoma PK301 as well as regularly sized beamers like Optoma HD66 and HD20.

There are mainly three types of projector technologies available today:

  • LCD – passes light through LCD panels rather than bouncing it away
  • DLP – uses a mirror to direct light in an image
  • LED – is named for the light source, not for the projection technology

Computer Monitors

Remember those old school box-shaped PC monitors? Some of you probably spent quite a significant fraction of your teenage life using them.

Sadly, the LCD screens are now the ones that are hot on the market. They have replaced those old-school CRT monitors, occupying most of the shelves in the electronic stores.

LCD screens are famous for the little space they occupy and the less power they consume, compared to other monitors. They are fashionable and chic, and their lightweight aids them to be mounted on a wall or an arm.

In this 21st century, we human beings are usually into technology. It has aided us to grow and build our world’s economy and as well as our leisure time. Electronic devices have been developing and improving ever since they have come into existence.

Over the years, new gadgets have emerged, such as personal computers, audio equipment, telephones, televisions, and more. People nowadays use these devices in their everyday lives to ease their living.

For instance, you may see people working or reading on their smartphones or tablets; we can easily listen to music whenever we want by using earphones. As electronics make up for a considerable part of our lives, we here at NDC2008.com, have decided to focus on most popular types electronics that are very convenient and entertaining.

Audio Equipment

Essential equipment which everyone needs is audio equipment. These devices are generally designed to record and process sound; microphones, AV receivers, CD players, tape recorders, and mixing consoles are a few typical examples.

Another renowned equipment, the home theatre receivers is a device can create a theatre-like experience in one’s house. This usually consists of 3-4 tower or bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer.






Audio speakers are one of the things that are very handy in many situations.

If you are fond of music and are eager to share it with your friends and family, they are the right thing for you.

There are various types of speakers that are available, like computer speakers, bookshelf and floor-standing speakers and many others.




Bluray Players

Do you want a lifelike experience while watching a movie? Well, Bluray Player is your answer. The next generation of video players, it has far better features than its predecessors. The Bluray Disc can store much more data than the DVD format.

The Bluray Disc generally refers to the blue laser which is used to read the disc. This laser also allows the disc to store more information at a higher density, which is not possible for DVDs with longer wavelength red laser.

Bluray players are mostly used for entertainment as stand-alone devices, but it is important to note that BD player is built-in gaming consoles PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.




Television has been with us for almost a century. Since then, this set has been evolving into many types of innovations.

Almost everyone’s household all around the world contains at least one TV set. As time goes on, new model lineups are being released, like LCD, Plasma and LED.

There is this newly launched product called LED Curved TV. This flat screen TV has a wider viewing angle with multi-angle speakers. It gives you a slight theatrical experience with brighter colors. Nowadays most of the televisions include internet options, which is another improvement.



TV and DVD Combos

If you have limited space, the TV with built-in DVD player will be a great option. This type of TV is well suited for kitchen or bedroom.

These TVs with DVD players are perfect for those people who enjoy watching DVDs on TV, or for those people who have an extensive collection of DVDs and dislike watching them on the computer because of the small screen.

Instead of having to buy a separate DVD player and connecting it to your TV, you could get one of these TVs with DVD combos, and you can also watch your favorite TV channels in it too.

Available in different brands and sizes, you can now pick one that will suit all your needs.

Brands as such as Proscan, Venturer, RCA, JVC, RTC, and more, offer TVs with built-in DVD players in sizes ranging from 9 inches to 40 inches.

The smallest ones can comfortably fit in your kitchen, while the largest ones are lightweight despite the size.

These varying sizes are also accompanied by varying prices, ranging from $137 to $349. Now you can easily buy a DVD/TV combo without exhausting your budget and can enjoy a superb quality DVD experience without needing to buy a separate DVD player.

Tablets and Ebook Readers

Tablet computers are without a doubt one of the utilizable devices in our lifestyle. As it is portable and light, it aids us to manage our work way more easily. This was first introduced by Microsoft in 2001.

The most popular tablet product in the world probably is an Apple iPad.
A very useful and functional would be an EBook reader.
It is the new era of printed books. Ebook reader will help you to read books or magazines more conveniently.

You can easily store hundreds of books on your tablet or computer, and you can read wherever you like.

One of the most popular ebook readers is the Amazon Kindle which allows users to shop, browse, or read ebooks, magazines, and newspapers via the internet.

Digital Cameras and Accessories

Cameras are one of the things that every person craves for. It allows us to capture the moments that happen in our lives.

And now it has gone to the next level: the digital camera. Digital Cameras creates digital images and stores them.

Digital Cameras can display images on a screen, unlike film cameras. Today, most cameras come with camera bags which allows the user to carry the device anywhere and allows protection.

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